" I've already recommended them to other people."
In every construction project, you have issues that come up, but we were always able to find a solution that everybody was happy with. Barb and Jerry are really great people, and they have a great bunch of subcontractors. I'd say one of their biggest strong points is that they're just good, honest people, and because of that, they're easy to work with. They also offer a great value for their product.

It really just comes down to that we love our house. Donahoo was the instrument to put in place the plan we prepared, and they did a great job, and did it to our specifications. You never know when you plan a home or design one what it's going to look like, because it never looks exactly like it does on paper, but we were really happy with the outcome. I've already recommended them to other people.
-Bill Olson

"One of my neighbors, who has their own builder, recommended Homes by Donahoo after seeing my home."
Our home was built two years ago. The quality of workmanship and the materials are just outstanding. The stonework is beautiful--I have a lot of stone in my house--and people are always complimenting me on it.

I've not had any problems with the house--everything's been great, and it's just a really high quality product. Barb and Jerry are extremely easy to work with, and they're affordable. Of course there are contractors that are cheaper, but then you get the cheaper construction. They also have great subcontractors--every one of them was fabulous. In fact, one of my neighbors, who has their own builder, recommended Homes by Donahoo to someone after seeing my home. That alone speaks for itself.
- Kay Boka

"He has already done two houses for us, and he will be building our 3rd one!"
There are several things Jerry does that others don't do. One is that he does it exactly how he describes it to you. It's the best I have ever seen from taking something from 2 to 3 dimensional. He will always get an upfront understanding of what needs to get done and how much it will cost. He has already done two houses for us, and he will be building our 3rd one!
- Ron Stone

More Testimonials

About Homes By Donahoo

Barb and Jerry Donahoo

Principals, Jerry and Barbara Donahoo, have worked together for over 30 of the 40 years that they have been married. Having grown up in the West Texas area, both have the West Texas persona, meaning they are very friendly and view personal values and integrity as important. They attended college at Texas Tech and have remained extremely loyal to their school. Upon graduation, Jerry entered the US army and served in Viet Nam, being discharged with the rank of Captain. 

Moving to Austin in 1972, Jerry and Barbara began to acquire valuable experience in the real estate business, which included owning a Century 21 franchise for 12 years. By 1987, Jerry had come to realize that his true passion lay in the field of building homes, and the Century 21 franchise was sold so that they could go into full time construction of custom homes. This new venture quickly flourished, owing largely to Jerry's exceptional flair for developing plans from scratch, and for designing focal points, such as niches and arches that really gave their homes a "Wow!" 

Barbara's background as a real estate broker proved to be a huge advantage. The proficiency she had gained in working with lenders and mortgage companies enabled them to help their customers assess property values and get more out of their investments. 

Through the years, they have established excellent relationships with vendors all over town, and a reputation for financial soundness and trustworthiness. Jerry and Barbara work with the same fine sub-contractors that they have been using for years. Their subcontractors know each other personally and work together for greater efficiency to provide the high quality their clients have come to expect in each home. This mutual loyalty speaks volumes. 

Jerry's love for construction is evident in the quality he demands for the homes he builds. Barbara specializes in assisting each client with all the little details necessary to make the project flow smoothly and to help the client enjoy that process. 

Homes by Donahoo, Inc. is an active member of the National Association of Home Builders, the Texas Association of Builders and the Hill Country Builders Association (formerly the Building Industry Association of the Highland Lakes). Jerry has served on the Board of Directors and as Vice President for the association which now covers Horseshoe Bay, Kingsland, Marble Falls, Burnet, Blanco, Fredericksburg, Kerrville and surrounding area. Barbara served on the Parade of Homes committee several times and currently serves on the Executive Director Board.  

Jerry and Barbara have built their business on honesty and integrity, and encourage you to speak with previous customers for their opinions. Please visit our Client Quotes page or call for a list of references and for an appointment. They look forward to meeting you!

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