"We are very happy with our final product."
The process was really easy. We knew when to expect things---they were very reliable in that respect. They kept their word and were honest. From watching other homes being built in the neighborhood, we knew we got a quality product much quicker and at a better cost than our neighbors. We knew ours was well built, and the entire building process was close to four months. We definitely got a quality product.
-Justin and Jeanna Jette

"Their work was amazing."
We're very happy. They are incredibly honest and approachable. If you find a problem, they will come out and fix it. On the money, they were very open. You know exactly what everything costs and have a very good working relationship. This was our lifelong dream house on Lake Travis. If we build a house again, we'll call them.
- Tom & Marlene Leih

"My home won Best Craftsmanship in the 2011 Parade of Homes, and that has everything to do with Donahoo."
My house was one of the 2011 Parade of Homes--it won Best Craftsmanship--you can currently see it on their website. I was really impressed with Donahoo's attention to detail; they just did a great job with it. The ceiling treatments that are custom built into the house make every room unique, and the fireplace has 3 different types of stone in it. As a result, I have a home that's one of a kind.

They also built the house exactly the way I wanted it. They're a great team. Barb kept communications going. Jerry's very easy to talk to--he has a great imagination, and he can visualize things. If you advise something, and he doesn't agree with it, he'll explain why. When I was getting ready to build my home, I looked at 3 different contractors. Donahoo presented the best overall quality. My home won Best Craftsmanship and that has everything to do with them, not me and not the architect. That's just them doing their job and doing it well.
- David Kunkel

More Testimonials

Building Your Dream Home

A Totally Unique Home Building Experience
At Homes by Donahoo, Inc., we are completely intent upon ensuring that our clients are delighted with their house. We want them to think of us with fondness and as special friends. To us, that means they have to feel that they acquired the best house possible. One key aspect of the experience lies in the way we do our pricing. 

Developing Customer Trust
Being serious about making happy clients means we pass on all of our builder's discount prices to the customers. It also requires complete honesty with the customer. From the very beginning, we show our clients exactly how we price our work and disclose all numbers, including our own profit. New customers are usually amazed to realize that our margins are extremely competitive.

Unsurpassed Quality
Factually, there is no shortage of appealing homes built in our area every year. Yet, it is important to recognize that with even the most eye-catching structures, one should take time to inspect closely and try to get a feel for the quality of the workmanship that has gone into building a house. We are confident that you will be impressed with the excellence inherent in our work. 

Getting You the Most for Your Investment
Building homes in the $200,000 to $3.5 million range, we are committed to the objective of saving the client money any way we see possible. In addition to our pricing guidelines, another significant factor to consider when it comes to avoiding needless expenses is the length of time to complete construction of your home. The interim interest you pay on your loan can really start to add up while you await conclusion of the project.

It is not uncommon for some builders to spend as long as a year or more to build a 3-4,000 square foot home. This can significantly add to your interest expense-possibly many thousands of dollars. Our dependable sub contractors & efficient scheduling allow us to routinely complete the same size home in 6 to 8 months bringing significant savings to you.

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2010 Parade Home

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2011 Parade Home

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2012 Parade Home

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2013 Parade Home