" I've already recommended them to other people."
In every construction project, you have issues that come up, but we were always able to find a solution that everybody was happy with. Barb and Jerry are really great people, and they have a great bunch of subcontractors. I'd say one of their biggest strong points is that they're just good, honest people, and because of that, they're easy to work with. They also offer a great value for their product.

It really just comes down to that we love our house. Donahoo was the instrument to put in place the plan we prepared, and they did a great job, and did it to our specifications. You never know when you plan a home or design one what it's going to look like, because it never looks exactly like it does on paper, but we were really happy with the outcome. I've already recommended them to other people.
-Bill Olson

"One of my neighbors, who has their own builder, recommended Homes by Donahoo after seeing my home."
Our home was built two years ago. The quality of workmanship and the materials are just outstanding. The stonework is beautiful--I have a lot of stone in my house--and people are always complimenting me on it.

I've not had any problems with the house--everything's been great, and it's just a really high quality product. Barb and Jerry are extremely easy to work with, and they're affordable. Of course there are contractors that are cheaper, but then you get the cheaper construction. They also have great subcontractors--every one of them was fabulous. In fact, one of my neighbors, who has their own builder, recommended Homes by Donahoo to someone after seeing my home. That alone speaks for itself.
- Kay Boka

"He has already done two houses for us, and he will be building our 3rd one!"
There are several things Jerry does that others don't do. One is that he does it exactly how he describes it to you. It's the best I have ever seen from taking something from 2 to 3 dimensional. He will always get an upfront understanding of what needs to get done and how much it will cost. He has already done two houses for us, and he will be building our 3rd one!
- Ron Stone

More Testimonials

How To Select a Homebuilder

At Homes by Donahoo, Inc., we have always encouraged our clients to interview several builders (preferably by referral) and narrow those down to two or three. Then choose one builder to use during the planning, financing, & pricing stage. You should select that builder after looking at his past work, talking with his past clients, and checking over the following points:

  • Length of time in business
  • Warranty Program
  • Fee Program (fixed price, cost-plus, management fees)
  • Construction Supervisor's qualifications
  • Standards the builder sets for subcontractors
  • How long their subcontractors have been with them
  • Quality control procedures used
  • Frequency of visits by the builder to the job site
  • Extent of involvement in continuing education by the builder and supervisors
  • Membership in local trade associations
  • Insurance coverage: general liability; builders risk; workers' comp
  • Any current or past history of lawsuits against the builder and their outcome
  • Any existing liens against any properties built by the company
  • And finally -- Your "gut feeling" as to the integrity and trustworthiness of the builder

Our company provides a list of references with phone numbers and we have many homeowners who delight in showing their homes to other families considering working with us.

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